Jun 18, 2024

Island Campus Webinar Series

The Island Campus Lecture Series is returning in 2024. 

Please plan to join us for one of these upcoming Island Campus Lecture Series Webinars:

We’re presenting a series of webinars this year that we think will pique your interest!
Mark your calendars with these dates and look for registration details soon for each presentation.

Friday, Feb. 23, from 12–1:15 p.m. Colby’s Outdoor Orientation Trips (COOT). Join us to learn all you ever wanted to know about the behind-the-scenes planning it takes to organize these adventures, like sea kayaking and camping on Allen Island. We will hear from Brad Geismar, director of Outdoor Education and Leadership at Colby, on the organizational process and some of his own adventures.

Friday, March 15, 121:15 p.m. We’re celebrating the life of Betsy James Wyeth as part of Women’s History Month. Join Amy Morey, associate collection manager, Wyeth Study Center, to learn more about this powerful woman who preferred working in the background to support her family’s art through the business she helped to run, all while following her individual passions like creating beautiful nature-scapes, birding, writing and editing, and more. Register here.

Friday, April 26, 121:15 p.m. Signs of the Seasons is a community science program that engages volunteers in observing plant and animal phenology, or the study of seasonal life events like when birds make their nests in the spring, when berries ripen in the summer, and when leaves change color in the autumn. Maine Sea Grant will include an overview of the educational and scientific goals of the program, how the data is used by researchers, examples of how to make phenology observations, and opportunities to gain the tools and knowledge needed to observe and record changes in phenology in your backyard or community. Register here.

Friday, Oct. 18, 121:15 p.m. Mr. Tim Glidden ’74, will discuss his former role with the Maine Coast Heritage Trust, their focus on Maine’s islands, and their conservation history. While the trust focuses on coastal communities, securing and preserving access to the ocean, and the effects of coastal climate change, they also focus on specific Islands Initiatives. Maine’s islands, including Allen and Benner Islands, have played an important role in Maine’s economy and tourism. The Trust also works to steward, protect, and conserve other islands to ensure their history and future are protected.

Friday, Nov. 8, 121:15 p.m. Colby College has now officially stewarded its Island Campus for two years, since the fall 2021. You may wonder what the future holds, including for Benner Island, which served as a summer homestead for Andrew and Betsy Wyeth. Based on documentation and the inventory of the Wyeth’s household goods, we’re currently working on a presentation on how that process is going. With guests from the Wyeth Foundation for American Art and the Brandywine Museum of Art.