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The area code for all Colby numbers is 207.

Alumni & Donor Relations

alumni@colby.edu, P 859-4310, F 859-4305
Name Email Office Phone
Margaret Boyd mbboyd@colby.edu SSW Alumni Center 859-4312
Director of Alumni Relations
Meghan S. Gray mhayward@colby.edu SSW Alumni Center 859-4313
Assistant Director of Alumni Relations
Cathi M. Lee cmlee@colby.edu SSW Alumni Center 859-4317
Admin/Events Assistant
Christine Bicknell Marden cbmarden@colby.edu SSW Alumni Center 154 859-4388
Associate Director / Stewardship Manager
Gayle N. Maroon gnmaroon@colby.edu SSW Alumni Center 859-4386
Administrative Secretary and Events Coordinator
Laura D. Meader ldmeader@colby.edu SSW Alumni Center 859-4314
Assistant Director of Alumni Relations
Karen L. Nelson klnelson@colby.edu SSW Alumni Center 859-4310
Admin/Events Assistant
Lisa B. Tessler ltessler@colby.edu SSW Alumni Center 859-4387
Director of Donor Relations and Philanthropic Events
Karin R. Weston krweston@colby.edu SSW Alumni Center 157 859-4315
Assistant Director of Alumni Relations

Colby Fund

colbyfund@colby.edu, P 859-4320, F 859-4305
Name Email Office Phone
Emiko L. Boezeman elboezem@colby.edu SSW Alumni Center 234 859-4329
Associate Director of the Colby Fund Classes of 1977-1988, 1990-1993
Julia R. Crouter jcrouter@colby.edu SSW Alumni Center 236 859-4308
Assistant Director of the Colby Fund Golden Mules, Phonathon, Senior Pledge, and Student Philanthropy and Engagement
Elizabeth S. Danner esdanner@colby.edu SSW Alumni Center 238 859-4328
Associate Director of the Colby Fund Classes of 1954-1963 and 1969-1976
Jody L. Dickey jldickey@colby.edu SSW Alumni Center 235
Administrative Secretary Supports Matt Mullen, Jlynn Frazier, and Julia Crouter
Jlynn Frazier jfrazier@colby.edu SSW Alumni Center 232 859-4321
Assistant Director of Parent Giving and Programs All parent classes
Andrea J. Godin ajgodin@colby.edu SSW Alumni Center 235 859-4324
Administrative Secretary Supports Carolyn Kimberlin, Ben Lord, and Mae Ogorzaly
Carolyn G. Kimberlin cgkimber@colby.edu SSW Alumni Center 226 859-4325
Director of the Colby Fund 50th anniversary, classes of 1963-1967
Benjamin T. Lord btlord@colby.edu SSW Alumni Center 230 859-4339
Assistant Director of the Colby Fund President's Leadership Society, 25th Reunion, classes of 1994-1998
Lorrie J. McFarland ljmcfarl@colby.edu SSW Alumni Center 235 859-4379
Administrative Secretary Supports Betsy Danner, Emiko Boezeman and Julia Crouter
Matthew R. Mullen mrmullen@colby.edu SSW Alumni Center 231 859-4322
Associate Director and Director of Parent Giving and Programs All parent classes
Mae Ogorzaly mmogorza@colby.edu SSW Alumni Center 228 859-4389
Assistant Director of the Colby Fund Classes of 1999-2013

Development and Alumni Relations Information Services

Name Email Office Phone
Lisa L. Burton llburton@colby.edu SSW Alumni Center 859-4327
Senior Associate Director of Dev & Alum Rel Information Systems
Jasmine M. Franzose jmfranzo@colby.edu SSW Alumni Center 859-4332
Gift & Biographical Data Specialist
SSW Alumni Center 136 859-4334
Development and Alumni Relations Communications Coordinator
Ann Hurlburt amhurlbu@colby.edu SSW Alumni Center 130 859-4335
Associate Director of Data Services
Staci L. Johnson sljohnso@colby.edu SSW Alumni Center 859-4337
Gift & Biographical Data Specialist
Monica M. Keith mmkeith@colby.edu SSW Alumni Center 859-4333
Director of Alumni Relations Information Services
Seth J. Mercier smercier@colby.edu SSW Alumni Center 859-4338
Senior Web Developer/Analyst
Neal Patterson rnpatter@colby.edu SSW Alumni Center 859-4336
Senior Programmer/Analyst

Corporate, Foundation, and Government Relations

P 859-4340, F 859-4305
Name Email Office Phone
Vacant SSW Alumni Center 207 859-4342
Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations
Seven S. Grenier sgrenier@colby.edu SSW Alumni Center 209 859-4341
Assistant Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations

Gift Planning

P 859-4370, F 859-4305
Name Email Office Phone
Elizabeth A. Armstrong Elizabeth.Armstrong@colby.edu SSW Alumni Center 218 859-4373
Associate Director of Gift Planning
Susan F. Cook Susan.Cook@colby.edu SSW Alumni Center 220 859-4372
Senior Philanthropic Advisor
Julia E. Gagne jgagne@colby.edu SSW Alumni Center 859-4370
Administrative Secretary

Capital Gifts

develop@colby.edu, P 859-4360, F 859-4305
Name Email Office Phone
Sandra S. Anthoine Sandra.Anthoine@colby.edu SSW Alumni Center 859-4364
Development Officer
Elizabeth (Betsy) Bowen elbowen@colby.edu SSW Alumni Center 213 859-4366
Development Officer
Kimberly J. Caswell kcaswell@colby.edu SSW Alumni Center 205 859-4391
Administrative Secretary
Nathaniel M. Chamberlin nmchambe@colby.edu SSW Alumni Center 859-4365
Development Officer
Nancy M. Fox Nancy.Fox@colby.edu SSW Alumni Center 208 859-4363
Director of Capital Gifts and Gift Planning
Eddie Hatrick ehatrick@colby.edu SSW Alumni Center 859-4368
Development Officer
Kim K. Krueger kkrueger@colby.edu SSW Alumni Center 213 859-4367
Development Officer
Martha D. McCarthy mmccart@colby.edu SSW Alumni Center 859-4362
Administrative Secretary Capital Gifts and Gift Planning


P 859-4380, F 859-4305
Name Email Office Phone
Belinda J. Hawkins bhawkins@colby.edu   859-4381
Administrative Secretary
Julie Macksoud jmackso@colby.edu SSW Alumni Center 208 859-4384
Director of Development & Alumni Relations Research
Deborah J. Ouellette djouelle@colby.edu SSW Alumni Center 231 859-4383
Assistant Director of Development and Alumni Relations Research

Vice President's Office

P 859-4300, F 859-4305
Name Email Office Phone
Jean G. Gerrie jggerrie@colby.edu SSW Alumni Center 859-4301
Administrative Secretary