Started at Colby in 1984-85, the Senior Pledge program is a long-standing tradition of seniors giving back to Colby in recognition of their outstanding educational experiences. Senior Pledge is focused on educating seniors about the impact of philanthropy and the importance of participation when giving back to Colby College.


The 2017 Scholarship Challenge

The Class of 2016 has been issued a challenge by the Senior parents of the Parent’s Executive Committee (PEC):


❖ When 80-percent of the Class of 2016 participates in Senior Pledge a $60,000 financial aid fund will be created in the class’s name, and next year a member of the Class of 2020 will benefit from that fund.


This year the Senior Parents from the Parent’s Executive Committee (PEC) have invited the Class of 2016 to aid them in supporting the future of Colby. They have put forward a Challenge designed to highlight the role giving and participation play in the future of our College. Gifts, of any amount, count towards our goal of achieving 80-percent or higher. This support increases Colby’s national rankings, gives professors a better chance of receiving grants, and indicates to alumni that Colby continues to provide an exceptional educational experience.


Help us show our support for the future of the College by making it possible for a deserving student to share in the experiences that made Colby so special for all of us, in the Class of 2016. Together we can work to surpass the Senior Pledge record of 88-percent participation set by the the Class of 2010! Click here to give a gift and help us create the 2016 Scholarship Fund for a member of the Class of 2020!


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The Importance of the Colby Fund

The Colby Fund comprises annual unrestricted contributions from alumni and members of the senior class. It provides immediate budget relief for scholarships, faculty salaries, libraries, and campus maintenance, and it supports athletics, student clubs, lectures, the arts, and other activities. Taking part in the Colby Fund through the Senior Pledge program and in future years as alumni is extremely important as even modest gifts impact overall donor participation, which serves a variety of roles in strengthening Colby's future.


Why Participation Matters

National Rankings: Overall alumni participation in the annual fund (including seniors) is one of several criteria that determine Colby's national rankings. Higher participation plays a part in higher rankings, which increases Colby's renown and the value of a Colby degree.

Institutional Support: When deciding where to confer grants for research many foundations consider alumni participation as a means of measuring the success of a school in producing engaged and invested alumni. When you make a donation to Colby you're telling these foundations that the college is deserving of their support.

Vote of Confidence: When considering the size of their annual gift many alumni look to recent graduate's participation to identify these latest alumni's support for the Colby experience. When a vast majority of a class says "We support Colby" that serves as an indication that the college continues to provide a quality experience to it's latest students, aspects of the college they want to continue to grow and will potentially support with a larger gift.


Ways to Give to Senior Pledge

Designating Your Gift: Everyone who gives back, whether $5 or $5,000, has the option of directing their gift towards any part of the Colby experience they feel is important or played a central role in their time here. Giving to an academic department, athletic team, or student organization helps maintain the impact those groups have and serves as a sign that group has made a significant impact in your time at Colby.

Gifts in Honor: We come from diverse backgrounds and have varied histories, but all of us owe our Colby experiences to individuals who have made lasting and significant impacts on our lives. A gift to Senior Pledge can be made in honor of someone who has made your Colby experience memorable.

Scholarship Funding: Roughly 40% of Colby students receive some form of financial aid, with an average financial aid package of roughly 45K made up entirely of grants. Gifts by alumni make it possible for hundreds of students to attend Colby every year and you can be a part of that legacy both by participating in this year’s Challenge, but also by designating your gift to financial aid at Colby.

Scheduled Pledge Payments: Senior Pledge is centered on participation, but we also want seniors to know that it can be easy to give larger sums by splitting the gift into parts. A gift of $100, for example, could pay for gas the Ultimate Frisbee team needs to get to and from a tournament. This online gift could be split into ten smaller payments of $10 each month, if the donor wanted to support their favorite club without using up all of their spending money for the month they’re making the gift in.