A letter from Alisa Johnson, director of the Career Center

As the new director of the Colby Career Center, I am grateful for the generosity and support offered by you, the Colby community. Many alumni and parents are assisting students and young graduates by functioning as mentors, offering internships, and generating employment opportunities. As alumni and parents, you offer students a glimpse into the world of possibilities after Colby. In order to introduce current students to the vast alumni network, the Career Center has partnered with Alumni Relations to established affinity groups and we would like you to participate. Together we can optimally prepare Colby students for their roles as valuable community members, successful candidates for employment, and exceptional participants in postgraduate study.

Colby Connect is a Career Center program that engages students and connects them to fellowships, internships, job shadowing, employment opportunities and graduate school preparation. The program provides students with a four-year sequence of workshops and information sessions to help them plan postgraduate endeavors. A key component is the integration of alumni, parents, faculty, and recruiters.

That’s where you come in…

To fulfill the Colby Connect mission, the affinity groups formed around common vocational interests and skills, reinforces connections among graduates, parents, faculty, and current students through:

  • Communication: Participate in career panels, communicate to students via webinars, and host site visits during Jan Plan and the summer months.
  • Mentoring: Mentor a current student or young alum by offering career advice, review job and graduate school applications, and conduct mock telephone interviews.
  • Job and Internship Database: Post job listings, internships, on-campus recruiting opportunities, and many other announcements for both current students and alumni on the Career Center’s Colby Connect database.
  • Affinity Group Boot Camp: Present a workshop distinguishing various job functions in your industry and interviewing strategies.
  • Affinity Group Day: Host a day of on-site informational sessions presented by Colby alumni and parents on a variety of subjects.

Colby affinity groups:

  • The Colby Finance Connection (CFC) (connects alumni and parents within the financial sector)
  • The Colby Natural and Environmental Sciences Connection (CNESC)
  • The Colby Communication Connection (CCC) (includes, but is not limited to, marketing, advertising, public relations, promotions, and consulting)
  • Colby Legal Services Connection (CLSC)
  • Colby Commercial Real Estate Connection (CCRC) (includes, but is not limited to, engineering, architecture, real estate, construction, real estate development, economics, accounting, consulting, business development, and marketing)
  • Colby Health and Medical Professions Connection (CHMPC)
  • Colby Education Connection (CEC)
  • Colby Government Connection (CGC)
  • Colby International Business and Global Affairs Connection (CIBGAC)
  • Colby Technology and Computer Sciences Connection (CTCSC)
  • Colby Nonprofit Connection (including but not limited to social justice, human rights, and social work)

Finally, each affinity group will increase the visibility of a particular industry and its connections to Colby by sponsoring related events and by becoming a member of the Career Center Alumni and Friends LinkedIn group affinity (subgroup) pages. Events will allow alumni and parents to share industry specific trends, job specifications, and management overviews with interested Colby students. The LinkedIn affinity groups, moreover, will have access to network with alumni in the same field and current students.

If you are interested in joining an affinity group or learning more about them, please complete our questionnaire. We look forward to your support and hope you will join this exciting endeavor for an inspired Colby community.