Dear Fellow Alumni:

As I begin my second year as chair of your Alumni Council, I am most enthusiastic about the work of alumni supporting our College. The Alumni Council provides opportunities for alumni to give their time and talent back to Colby by engaging alumni and students in programs and various activities. Highlights of recent activities include:

  • Continuing the tradition of presenting Colby blankets to each graduating senior sports team captain. This year we presented 50 blankets to the captains at the annual Awards Banquet. Click here to view the gallery of photos including Athletics Committee Chair Art Brennan ’68 P’02,’05 and the Award winners and Captains.
  • Honoring outstanding alumni who have for years given their time and talent to the college. The Awards Committee worked throughout the year to review nominations from many alumni to select this year’s honorees, who will be presented their awards during Reunion Weekend. We ask you to think about nominating other deserving alumni for future awards. For Award criteria and a list of past recipients, go to the Awards section of the Alumni website.
  • Mobilizing Colby Fund volunteers and class agents. The Colby Fund Committee provides leadership to a network of hundreds of volunteers who raise millions of dollars from alumni each year. The Colby Fund has enjoyed solid participation rates thanks to activities focused on alumni engagement, Colby Fund volunteer training, and encouragement of student philanthropy through Senior Pledge and the Student Alumni Association.  Click here to see the current status of your class’ Colby Fund efforts.
  • Recruiting alumni to support internships. Employers look more favorably on new graduates with some form of job experience, such as college internships or job shadows.  To date, we have generated more than 200 internship opportunities for our students. If you are interested in supporting this effort, please contact the Career Center at 207-859-4140.
  • Establishing a Thought Leadership Program Series.  The inaugural program and panel discussion on June 22, 2014 in Los Angeles reviewed Colby’s 200 year old tradition of Social Justice and discussed what our role could be in the next century. We will be sponsoring two other panels on the future of the liberal arts education early next year. All sessions will be available via video.
  • Establishing a Communications and Technology Ad Hoc Committee. We are seeking a broader reach outside the more traditional geographic focus of Colby and exploring available technology options to engage both alumni and students across the country and around the world.

The Alumni Council leadership and full Council membership are listed in the Alumni section on the Colby website. We encourage you to reach out to any of us for more information or to make suggestions. Colby College's strengths and unique character are the result of the countless alumni volunteers over the past two centuries. Please consider volunteering and help us carry on these fine traditions.

We are excited to welcome David Greene to the Colby family. We look forward to beginning a new journey in supporting him.

All the best,

Deb Wathen Finn '74 P'07

Chair, Alumni Council Committee and President of the Alumni Association

Upcoming AC Dates:

Alumni Council Fall Meeting: October 24-25
Alumni Council Executive Committee Meeting: February 6-7