Dear Fellow Alumni:

Saturday, September 13th was such an exciting day for our College as David Greene was inaugurated as the 20th president of our alma mater! A number of Alumni Council members were on hand to support the new president and celebrate this milestone in our College’s life. I had the honor of representing the 26,000 alumni in greeting David during the ceremony.

We have reached this place in the College’s history thanks to trustees that had the vision to select David as our new president and the excellent work of the search committee that included David Fernandez ’89, the past Alumni Council chair.

David Greene’s words and his vision for our College will have a substantial impact on our work going forward. He talked about this being our time, spoke unabashedly of the strengths of our College as he noted a number of the challenges before Colby. For those who could not be there, I will say that the energy over the two days of events was palpable for students, faculty, staff, alumni, as well as old and new friends that all commented directly and via all the media outlets about that sense.

To view Saturday’s ceremony and the morning panel discussion featuring the honorary degree recipients please visit the Inauguration website at

As part of my remarks welcoming David, I did say that while we as alumni come from different places and backgrounds, “We share a passion for this place and in the liberal arts tradition inquiring and discerning minds that are eager to engage with you, President Greene about the future of this institution."

As David said, "This is Colby's moment. This is Colby's time." He was referring to Colby’s role in leading the liberal arts colleges in providing the type of education and community engagement. This will undoubtedly be an exciting time for all alumni to serve our College and I look forward to engaging with as many of you as possible.

All the best, 


Chair, Alumni Council


Upcoming AC Dates:

Alumni Council Executive Committee Meeting in Boston: February 6-7, 2015

Alumni Council Spring Meeting: February 26-28, 2015