On the 150th anniversary of the end of the Civil War, Alumni College takes a look at the art, history, and culture that shaped the nation's recovery. Connect with professors, and embrace the magic of learning at Alumni College. 

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Alumni College is a great opportunity to step back in time to attend class with some of Colby's star faculty members at a time when Maine and the campus are at their most beautiful.

A different theme is selected each year. Participants attend classes in the morning, then participate in group discussions, take field trips, or watch demonstrations in the afternoon. Meals with faculty and evening films fill the later part of each day. 

Participants may stay in the residence halls or off campus, and the program typically runs four and one half days.

Previous themes have included the following:  
  •   2014: 1914   
  •   2013: The Spanish Civil War 
  •   2012: An Age of Democratic Revolution?
    • From the American War of Independence to the Revolutions of 1848
  •   2011: The Italian Renaissance
  •   2010: The Great Depression
  •   2008: The Victorian World
  •   2007: In the Shadow of the Great War
  •   2006: China: Traditions and Transitions
  •   2005: The Cosmos
  •   2004: The Environment and the American Experience
  •   2003: The Small Town: Its History and Future
  •   2002: Islam and the West: A Clash of Cultures?
  •   2001: Free Speech and the American Tradition
  •   2000: Sports and Leisure: The Mirror of American Culture
  •   1999: The Civil War
  •   1998: The End of the Century and Millennial Thinking: The 1890s and 1990s in America

Prices: $575 Full session (tuition, on-campus housing, meals Sunday dinner-Thursday breakfast)
            $450 Off-campus package (tuition and meals Sunday dinner-Thursday breakfast)