SAVE THE DATE: August 7-10, 2016

Do you remember the first day of a new college semester at Colby? The first words of the professor or questions from peers that made you want to dive deeper into the topic? That experience isn’t behind you. Colby College provides a unique lifelong learning opportunity that allows all alumnae and alumni to relive that experience at Alumni College on campus each summer.

We have worked with Colby faculty to craft and align the lectures with core academic themes taking place on the campus so that all Colby alumni, students, and faculty may contribute perspectives and knowledge to these broad academic themes in their own unique way.



The human impact on the natural environment will likely be the predominant social, political, and scientific problem of the 21st century. Through social and natural sciences as well as the arts, Human/Nature will reflect upon nature, the built environment and the ways in which our relationship to the natural world has shaped human existence.

2016 Featured Faculty
Annie Kloppenberg (Theater and Dance)
Elizabeth Sagaser (English)
Gary Green (Art)
Jim Fleming (Science, Technology, and Society)
Kerill O’Neill (Classics and Director, Center for the Arts and Humanities)
Keith Peterson (Philosophy)
Loren McClenachan (Environmental Studies)
Raffael Scheck (History and Alumni College Faculty Advisor)

Detailed information and registration links will be available in May 2016.

Program Fees
$600 Full session (tuition, on-campus housing, meals Sunday dinner-Thursday breakfast [participants may leave on Wednesday evening])
$475 Off-campus package (tuition and meals Sunday dinner-Wednesday dinner)